Coffee means different to different people, isn’t it?

On a hard day, it’s a comforting hug in a hot cup while you allow yourself to heal. On a day you need to be at  the top of your game, it’s energising and invigorating – like a dependable ally who hypes you up. On any regular day, it’s kindling – a catalyst for great conversations and exchange of mind-boggling  ideas.

When you go on the web and research about wanting to start a blog, the¬†internet’s advice 101 is

Pick your niche.

But what about somebody who wants to talk about a multiple things? Someone who doesn’t want to fall in line? I wanted to create a place that could be a go-to escape when you are coping with something. Like the times when the clock has hit 2am and you still can’t fall asleep? Or when you have heard or seen something that breaks your heart? Or when you want to understand something¬† to form an educated opinion but an ocean of misleading information is drowning you? Or simply a casual read, perhaps an experience that makes you stop and ponder? Or a story to go along with your coffee while you take a much needed breather?

I wanted aitchspresso to be a place for all that, without any inhibitions. I wanted this blog to be a forum which could be multiple things to multiple people: when you need it, something that can put your mind at ease and also something that can set your mind on fire – just like coffee.

I hope aitchspresso brings you the same warmth, liveliness, a tone of acceptance and understanding just like a steaming mug of espresso.